It is our hope that traveling versions of FXpo “Showcases” on various subjects will tour museums and exhibition centers worldwide and that a permanent FXpo Exhibit will form the centerpiece of a Center for Entertainment Arts (CfEA). CfEa is envisaged to be the combination of several facilities that can operate independently or combine for special events. This will grow around FXpo as funds allow. In general terms, the projects and events housed within the CfEA facility will either record or inspire or teach or promote creativity within Entertainment related Arts of all mediums.

Currently we envisaged that CfEA facilities could include…

  • ⌘ The FXpo Exhibit which celebrates fantasy elements in popular movies and the FX maestros who created them. Utilizing pseudo holographic elements and dramatic lighting, triggered by interactive sensors, this will be the first museum of it’s kind worldwide. We name this kind of exhibit a “holo-seum” and believe it will attract visitors to Nuremberg from across Europe.
  • ⌘ A Convention Hall which, with adjacent spaces, can hold 2000-4000 people. We would like part of this area to also double as a concert hall capable of holding a seated audience of 700 or a standing audience of 1400.
  • ⌘ A Learning Center based around workshops and seminar rooms for panels, lectures, classes & demonstrations
  • ⌘ Rehearsal rooms for bands and theatrical groups
  • ⌘ Restaurants and shops
  • ⌘ Support facilities
  • ⌘ A Club area suitable for gatherings and the presentation of concerts
  • Eventually we may add…
  • ⌘ Video and Music Recording Studios
  • ⌘ An Art Gallery featuring fantasy, entertainment inspired, creations
  • ⌘ Alien Environs: fantasy settings that can be used as photographic backgrounds and play areas for CosPlay enthusiasts.
  • ⌘ Small film facilities, studio, green screen and editing suite for filming small film productions and advertisements.