What is FXpo?

FXpoposterSqFXpo is an entirely new form of movie exhibit. We envisage it to be the first museum for the 21st Century. It’s a dramatically lit, hi tech, exhibition that taps the private collections of renowned entertainment professionals to bring you relics from some of the world’s most popular feature films and combines them with holographic commentaries and interviews. We are aiming for a 10,000 sq ft entertainment experience, that focuses specifically on special effects, with discussions and demonstrations of how they are achieved and profiles on the movie maestros who developed them. Props, creatures, miniature models and more, will be presented in this dramatic new way, with interactive light, stereo sound and holograms of the people involved. We want to tell the inside stories of how these movies were made, and give advice from the pros on how to get started in the entertainment industry.

Once fully established, FXpo will add new showcases to the exhibit every 3-4 months and if it is as successful as we anticipate, we hope to expand a Center for Entertainment Arts (CfEA) to include workshops, seminars and entertainment conventions within two years. By 2020 we anticipate compiling a smaller traveling FXpo that would tour major museums and exhibition halls, worldwide.

Who are we?

NickYodaPosterCVI-copyNick Maley, is a veteran of over 50 movies. A designer and director of Special Make-up & Creature Effects, he is most renowned as a member of the Star Wars creature crew for the classic trilogy. For the past 8 years Nick has run an intimate non-profit movie museum in the Caribbean named by TripAdvisor as the #1 attraction in St. Maarten and one of the top 3 most popular museums in the Caribbean. Nick aims to combine his movie and museum experience with cutting edge technical expertise to create FXpo the world’s most innovative movie exhibit. Details on Nick here.

Where will FXpo be?

FXpo will bring a little Hollywood to Nuremberg, Germany. The exact locations that we are currently considering can’t be disclosed at this time.

We will post the exact location on this page as soon as contracts are finalized.

Why create FXpo?

Every time a renowned movie veteran dies, decades of memories and experiences are lost and unrecorded. Movie history is being written by journalists and publicity agents who weren’t there, and often didn’t ask the right questions. FXpo will be an exhibit about movie making told directly by the people who made them… in their own words… holographic recordings of their experiences, challenges and victories, captured and archived for decades to come.

An additional goal is to provide an exhibit that inspires the next generation of creative professionals and encourages them to have the perseverance to be all they can be. FXpo will be administered in Germany by the Follow Your Star Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation that encourages children to follow their dreams, to overcome negativity, to live exceptional lives and not settle for less just because those around them do. FYSF will endeavor to provide work experience for talented youngsters through entertainment related projects such as FXpo.