FXpo & Disney celebrate May 4th

Last month Nick was in Germany for two weeks, working with Disney to promote May 4th and promoting the FXpo project. There were parades, sport events, museum visits, a hoard of interviews and lots of autograph sessions.

In keeping with Nick’s efforts to inspire kids, while he was there he also visited the local children’s cancer hospital and handicapped center where Yoda brought a little sunshine to the lives of children facing special challenges.

Nick returned to St Maarten on the 13th where Gloria had been holding the fort at The Yoda Guy movie Exhibit in his absence.

Whilst in Germany, Nick was constantly accompanied by his bodyguards, The Wolf Brothers, who are ardent supporters of FXpo and can be seen in the dramatic white costumes in many of the photos.

Now Nick and the FXpo team are deeply involved in searching out sponsors and suitable locations to house “the FXpo Base Station.”

Nick explains, “FXpo can only proceed with the support of corporate sponsors who want to be associated with such an innovative project. It will be first of it’s kind in the world, a dramatic, hi tech, museum for the 21st Century filled with movie relics and holograms of the movie maestros that created them telling the inside story about how they were made. “

“I call the first exhibit that we will hopefully locate in Nuremberg Germany, the FXpo Base Station as I see it as FXpo’s home base from which exhibitions can later tour the world.

It will be a spectacular vehicle for any sponsor who chooses to get involved in the project, as touring exhibits carry the sponsor’s name around the globe for years of prestigious events.”


Nick Maley, Yoda and the Wolf Brothers at the Star wars Day parade at the Volkesfest in Nuremberg, May 4th 2014

Nick gives credit for the success of the May promotions to his FXpo team and especially the PR team. “Heike and Anna worked tirelessly to promote our events and be sure that everyone in the region was aware of the FXpo project through newspapers, magazines, television and social media.”


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