Why we call FXpo, “FXpo”

Someone wrote to ask why did we choose the name “FXpo” for a special effects holographic museum. They said that they didn’t understand it and couldn’t pronounce it. Well it is simple, really. There are TWO reasons.Why-fxpo

1. FXpo will be an Expo (an internationally recognized phrase for an exposition or exhibition, pronounced X-po) about FX (common abbreviation for special effects pronounced F-X). Shortened description: it is an FX Expo. What could be simpler than to call it FXpo (pronounced F-X-po).

2. If people don’t understand it they will talk about it. A wise man once said that it doesn’t matter why people are talking about you, as long as they are talking about you!

I guess next I will have to explain why I call a holographic museum a “Holoseum”.

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